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Delowar Hossain
12 jun 2022
In Discusiones generales
As a product in the stock market, how should we correctly view and deal with it? In a sense, a market is a collection of common problems where executive email list existing products capture market executive email list share by providing solutions. And when a new technical solution appears, because it solves the problem better, you may worry that it will kill the old product? I think on the contrary, it is a good opportunity for existing products, which means products can be updated at a lower cost and get better business. Because the logic of business executive email list is executive email list to first find a problem to be solved, then propose a solution, and finally find a technology to realize the solution. So the more and more advanced technologies are available, the better solutions we can use. Originally, in order to better solve problems with old products, we executive executive email list email list must spend a lot of money to develop new technologies and new solutions. At this time, if someone in the market gives the answer, they can directly integrate it into their own business model and use it directly. Let's look at some of the most successful software and Internet products today: Google is not the inventor of search engines, Facebook executive email list is not the inventor of SNS, Taobao is not the inventor of e-commerce, Tencent is not the inventor of IM, Douyin is not the inventor of short videos Inventors. None of them are the creators of these new technologies, but they are the ones who make the best use of these technical solutions. So, is it necessary to learn and executive email list use executive email list new technologies as soon as they appear? Neither. According to the product logic mentioned above, first of all, it depends on whether the new technology can supplement or replace our original solution. The problems to be solved in line with the stock market are relatively fixed; if the new technology can not help solve the problem better, it will executive email list also executive email list be used. Useless. Of course, independent innovation is the kingly way of product business advancement.
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Delowar Hossain

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