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sukanto Kuri
13 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
It uses case teaching and case analysis to cultivate students' ability to link theoretical knowledge with practice. As a teacher majoring in graphic design, the teaching design of each class should be divided into several specific units. For example, graphic creativity is the focus of the design of the work, and it is also the key to the success or failure of the work. Graphics can be said to be the direct embodiment of the content, and it mainly plays the role of conveying information, allowing students to understand the content that the work wants to express in the shortest possible time. In actual teaching, teachers can list a series of excellent Photo Manipulation Services advertisements, explain the graphic functions in these advertisements with specific cases, and encourage students to find some examples. Teachers and students can analyze the importance of graphic creativity in advertisement design together. For example, ask students to design a public service advertisement poster "Don't Drink and Drive." First, ask students to search the Internet for some publicity posters about the dangers of drinking and driving, and analyze the various graphic elements contained in them, such as the design characteristics of patterns, colors, and text in advertisements. In addition, keep students informed of the different roles that various elements play in this advertisement. Furthermore, the graphic elements in the design work must be able to clearly reflect the theme and achieve the purpose of being clear at a glance. In this example, the graphic elements can be designed as follows: the red, green and yellow lights of the traffic signal can be regarded as the "three-point water" of the word "wine", and the wine and the traffic rules are closely linked, which can not only It plays the role of warning pedestrians, and it also has a profound meaning. In addition, it can better reflect the theme of the advertisement, and it is very easy for the audience to understand.
sukanto Kuri

sukanto Kuri

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